Home View my paycheck Has View my Paycheck moved to QuickBooks Workforce? What’s new?

Has View my Paycheck moved to QuickBooks Workforce? What’s new?

Has View my Paycheck moved to QuickBooks Workforce? What’s new?

View my Paycheck is an official portal created by Intuit which allows employees to view their paychecks. The way it works is that the employers create an account on the Portal. Once the account is created, the employees can be added to the portal. This is done by sending an invite to the employees.

Once the employees receive the invite, they can register to the portal. Now that the employees have an account with viewmypaycheck, the employers can upload their paychecks directly to the Viewmypaycheck portal, and the employees can also access them online.

So this method is very convenient for both the parties. This is the reason why the intuit view my paycheck is so popular.

View my paycheck has moved?

View my paycheck has moved

Now there is this question which has been taking rounds of many forums and has also appeared in our contact form. We have also seen people asking this question regularly in the comments section.

The reason behind people asking such is question is clear and pretty much straightforward. The website which they earlier used to visit to access their paychecks, i.e paychecks.intuit.com is now redirecting to another website, which goes by workforce.intuit.com

So, now that the question and the reason behind asking this question is clear, let us talk about the answer to this question.

Yes, Intuit has indeed changed some of this things regarding the portal, including the good old url.

The things which are changed by intuit are not very much significant from the employee point of view, and hence, do not change much about the way the portal is used.

Old viewmypaycheck to new viewmypaycheck | What has changed?

As aforesaid, not much has been changed from the users’ point of view, other than the fact that the old URL now points to the new url.

Other than that, there are quite some changes made to the layout of the portal, and some user interface has been changed. The Quickbooks theme has been applied to the entire viewmypaycheck portal. Let us take a look at those things which have been changed.


The old URL (paychecks.intuit.com) now points to the new URL (workforce.intuit.com). This change is not very significant as the old URL automatically redirects to the new one. So, even if you open the wrong one by mistake, you will be taken to the right one.


Earlier the viewmypaycheck used to be like an individual portal, while now, it has more of a Quickbooks type layout. Quickbooks workforce is an employee management portal created by Intuit, and is meant to be used by the employers.

old interface
new interface

Signup Option

The old interface had the signup option which allowed the users to create an account. That option has been removed from the new interface. That old signup button had no significance back then, that only those who have an invite could register to the platform. So that button has been removed from the new interface for good.

Final Words

So this was all with this article. We have seen, and can conclude that view my paycheck has moved to a new address. We also discussed the changes made to the portal, and how it affects the existing users. If you have any more questions, feel free to leave a comment down below. If you want us to bring in more articles, then also you can request them in the comments below.


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