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Intuit View my paycheck | All about viewmypaycheck sign up / login

View my paycheck is a paychecks management system developed by Intuit, which allows employees of a particular company to view their paychecks easily. Viewmypaycheck is a service which allows employers to upload paychecks, and allows employees to access them. In this article, we will understand what intuit exactly is, and how can we use it’s view my paycheck service. Let’s get started

Today’s technology is a booming market full of exciting and innovative products alongside new learning opportunities. With technology having done major advancements in various fields, we depend on the same for the methodical management of our important data and statistics and Intuit is motivated enough to develop software in that front for its users.

Be it the cumbersome task of managing the payrolls by the employers or that of keeping tabs of the paychecks and the pay-stubs by the employees, Intuit has just the right product for you, viewmypaycheck

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What is Intuit?

Intuit is a US-based business and financial software company that provides its clients with financial, accounting and tax preparation software and some other digital services related to the management of the same for small businesses, accountants and individuals.

All you need to know about intuit view my paycheck

View my paycheck


intuit view my paycheck

View my paycheck is a globally recognized web-portal that allows its users to access their paychecks and maintain a digital record of it. The itemization of the paycheck report allows the users (the employees) to understand their net pay, the taxes, and the deductions smoothly. The user-friendly interface and this guide will surely enhance your experience at checking and digital management of your paycheck in one go.

View my paycheck is a product that is created by Intuit. It is an online portal, where you can register after having received an invite from your employer, and once you are into the portal, you can access various features provided by the portal.

Features of Intuit view my paycheck

Intuit view my paycheck has a lot of features, which is why it is one of the best payroll management system. Let’s take a look at the features intuit viewmypaycheck has to offer to the users, once they are registered with the platform.

  • The Portal allows you to view your net pay, hours worked, the payment date, pay period, year to day payment, tax deductions(if any) and the previous paychecks.
  • If you require to get a print of your paystubs, you can go to the ‘Save as PDF’ option and save the pdf of your stubs for a saved soft copy or for the hard copy via print.
  • You can ‘Bookmark’ your current page for future convenience.
  • If you wish to get notified whenever new pay stubs get uploaded, you can go to the preferences section and select the ‘Send an email whenever new pay stubs are made available’ option from the dropbox.
  • You can navigate through your previous paychecks and the ‘Year to day’ payment pie chart allows you to keep tabs of your net pays throughout the work period.
  • If you work for multiple companies, you can view all your paychecks under one account provided that all your employers are registered with intuit’s QuickBooks services. The steps to which have already been dealt with in the former part of this article.

QuickBooks workforce? Quickbooks view my paycheck ? What is it?

quickbooks workforce

Since the term QuickBooks workforce has been mentioned in this article already, I think we need to know what it is, and why are we talking about it.

So, Quickbooks workforce is another service created by Intuit for the employers. It creates an efficient platform for employers to maintain their workforce. Uploading a paycheck is just one feature inside the Quickbooks workforce platform.

Earlier, there used to be a separate platform for the employees in the form of viewmypaycheck. But now, view my paycheck can only be accessed by the workforce site.

So, how does this change the way you use view my paycheck? Well, in no way. Just the login page has changed and nothing else. Earlier you used to visit paychecks.intuit.com, and now you have to visit workforce.intuit.com. Rest everything is the same.

View my paycheck login | Steps to follow

Create your account

Before you can login to your view my paycheck account, you need to have an account. The thing with this portal is not everyone can create an account into the website. You can only create an account if you have been invited to the portal by your employee.

When your employer enters your email id in the QuickBooks workforce platform, then you will receive an email from Intuit. Once you have received the email, follow these steps.

Viewmypaycheck invite email
Viewmypaycheck invite email

The email which you will receive will be like this. It will be sent by Intuit, and your company’s name will be mentioned in the email.

  • Click on the signup link in the email (You will be taken to the account creation page)
Create new account page
  • Enter your email id.
  • Choose a password and confirm it.
  • Click on the create account button (Now, you will be taken to another page)
  • You will be asked to enter your Social Security Number (SSN) and your Net Pay (You can get that info from your previous paycheck)
  • Once you enter this information and submit it, you will be taken to your dashboard
view my paycheck dashboard
Your dashboard
  • Now that you are inside your dashboard, you can start using viewmypaycheck.

This was all with creating your account and getting into the dashboard for the first time. But you can not use this method to login every time. So let’s see how to login into your account every time.

View my paycheck login | Steps to follow

Before I begin with this account, I would like to make one thing clear. This method will only work when you already have an account with viewmypaycheck. So if you don’t have one, follow the steps in the previous section and make one.

Follow the steps given below to login to your account

  • Click on the button below to go to the login page

Click here to login

view my paycheck login
Login page
  • Enter the email address and the password which you created earlier.
  • Click on the green-colored “Sign in” button
  • You will be taken to your dashboard, from where you can access your paychecks and paystubs

How to add multiple companies to my intuit viewmypaycheck account?

Let’s say you work for more than one company, and they have added you to their intuit database. In such a case, you can get access to the paychecks of both the companies, with just one account. The thing is, you can add multiple companies under a single account.

Steps to follow

  • Before you add another company, make sure you have your Social Security Number (SSN) handy and also the Net pay of the latest issued paycheck by the company.
  • Open your portal via workforce.intuit.com
  • Click the drop-down arrow in the upper-right corner of the Viewmypaycheck window and choose ‘View my paychecks from another company’.
  • Enter your SSN (Social Security Number) and the Net pay amount from your last paycheck issued by the company.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to add the company to ViewMyPaycheck.
  • After you add the company, you can sign in to ViewMyPaycheck with one user ID and password and then use the drop-down in the upper-right corner of the ViewMyPaycheck window to switch between the companies.

Getting help with View my Paycheck | Troubleshooting

In the next section, we have created a list of frequently asked questions. Please refer to them in case you face any problems.

Other than those, there might be several other questions popping up in your head before registering with intuit Viewmypaycheck. Several other queries come up while following the process of signing up and furthermore are met while using the portal.

  • If the queries concern the procedure or the way viewmypaycheck is to be used, Click the question mark icon ‘?’ available on the Viewmypaycheck website. Your queries will be handled there.
  • However, If you have any questions or doubts regarding the paycheck, as in how the Net pay has been calculated or about the deductions, etc, the questions are to be answered by the Company’s accounting team or the employer.

For other technical queries, you can always leave a comment down below, and we will be happy to help you out as soon as possible.


  • Can viewmypaycheck be used to view the paystubs if the employer has not sent the invitation?

You can only create your intuit viewmypaycheck account if and only if your employer is registered with intuit QuickBooks and sends you the invite link via your mail.

  • What all information does view my paycheck equip me with regarding my paystubs?

  1. You can view your recent and your previously collected paychecks.
  2. Viewmypaycheck tells you about your Net pay, hours worked, payment date, pay period, year to day gross pay, tax charges and the deductions made in your paycheck.
  • Do I need to maintain separate intuit accounts for the different services that it provides?

If you already use an intuit product, say, for example, TurboTax, you might already be having an intuit user account so you will be prompted to use the same account to sign-up for intuit viewmypaycheck.

  • If I work for more than one company, Can I use it to see the paychecks of other companies?

Yes, If both the employers are registered with intuit for their employees to check their paychecks via viewmypaycheck, then you can view your paychecks for two or multiple companies for that matter.

  • What are the browser or system preferences, if there are any?

View my paycheck works best for:-

  1. Microsoft Internet Explorer
  2. Google Chrome
  3. Mozilla Firefox
  4. Safari
  • Can my W-2 information be viewed alongside the paystubs that my viewmypaycheck portal displays?

The W-2 display is subject to change for the employer. Check with your employer about the W-2 availability in viewmypaycheck. Further, for information regarding viewing W-2s in viewmypaycheck, go to view W-2s in view my paycheck.

If you need more information, you can visit viewmypaycheck blog for more articles related to this topic.

Final Words

So this was all about the topic view my paycheck. We have tried to provide you will all the information related to the topic. Other than this main article, we will be posting a couple of more articles on our blog, which will help you to understand the functioning in a better way. So keep an eye on our blog.

Also, for any queries, questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment down below, or to send us a message using our contact us page.


  1. This was an extremely helpful article. Finally all my doubts regarding view my paycheck have been cleared. Kudos.

  2. Though this was very helpful, I am still facing some issues with the signup process. I have sent you an email using the contact form with the exact details. Please respond.


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